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Below is the highlights of what's new in version

There are 3 main changes:

  • Possibility to view and modify system power plan with trackpad response
  • Status bar notification update on applying changes
  • Adding application icon

NOTE: In order to modify system power plan you need to change a new plan from the drop box and click "Set as active" link next to it. "Set as active" link will not be enabled when current plan is selected. Once new plan is set, trackpad will update its position if necessary.

CPU core parking manager v3

Status bar update on Applying changes

CPU core parking manager v3

Previous version is available via link below
CpuCoreParking3.exe - Compiled for .NET 4.5;

Tested on platforms: Win8 x64-en, Win10 x64-en, Win8.1 x64-en
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Download application executable files for previous version ...

Visit main page to download NEW version

Core parking manager v3 version main page