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Below is the highlights of what's new in version

Release changes:

  • Added possibility to generate and send application error report in case of an error
  • Added "application uninstall" icon to program folder
  • Fixed error on application start when revision id is not present

Possibility to automatically report application errors

CPU core parking manager v3

CPU core parking manager v3

Previous version is available via link below

CpuCoreParkingSetup.msi - Compiled for .NET 4.5;
MD5: F5193BE17DCA29DDC113BFC35809C1C0
SHA-1: F73D58B907C506D655BA168F2DC7BE5300941522

Tested on platforms: Win8 x64-en, Win10 x64-en, Win8.1 x64-en
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Download application executable files for previous version ...

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