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Below are the highlights of what's new in version

Release changes:

  • Ability to Apply & Select CPU settings for Plugged In (AC) and On Battery (DC) modes
  • Bug fixes

For desktop systems with no battery Power State control is disabled with Plugged In (AC) setting always active

CPU core parking manager v3

When Refresh button is pressed Application will try and detect current power state of the system AC or DC mode and change the Power state control accordingly

CPU core parking manager v3

For systems with external battery it is possible to select specific Power state

CPU core parking manager v3


CPU core parking manager v3

Previous version is available via link below

CpuCoreParkingSetup.msi - Compiled for .NET 4.5;

Tested on platforms: Win8 x64-en, Win10 x64-en, Win8.1 x64-en
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