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Below are the highlights of what's new in version

Release changes:

  • Ability to configure CPU Turbo boost index
  • Customizable individual CPU graph size
  • Fixed bug on Check for updates dialog checkbox

Turbo Boost index

Both Intel and AMD processors have frequency boost features that allow CPU to achieve additional performance boost when it is required the most (high system loads etc…) By default setting your frequency scaling index to 100% will only guarantee that performance of your CPU will be close to base frequency levels and sometimes (on high loads) can be boosted to Max (Turbo boost) level, however, if you’re planning to keep your CPU at its maximum frequency state you need to set turbo boost index to 100%.

Note that CPU clock speed is significantly higher than it's base frequency.

CPU core parking manager v3

An example where Frequency scaling index is set to 100% and CPU is boosted to its base frequency not affecting turbo boost ranges

CPU core parking manager v3

Resizable CPU Graph

By default application is installed with individual graph size set to 134/100px. However, sometimes if you do have more cores than can fit on the screen, say 8 or 12 it is not possible to observe all cores state without scrolling. Similarly if you do have fewer cores 2 for example you end up with a lot of not used space. For this specific reason I’ve decided to add a possibility resize individual graphs based on everyone’s need. All the configurations will be saved and recovered next time you start the application.

CPU core parking manager v3

An example with 12 cores

CPU core parking manager v3

Previous version is available via link below

CpuCoreParkingSetup.msi - Compiled for .NET 4.5;
MD5: E86233765D78A54D1FFF179CB923A773 
SHA-1: AD60C029CB0C62E9DEF582A3ECD906C08377E762

Tested on platforms: Win8 x64-en, Win10 x64-en, Win8.1 x64-en
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