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Below are the highlights of what's new in version

Release changes:
  • Included more data to display on CPU data and performance section
  • Fixed application form scaling problem introduced in (for certain users with monitor scaling > 100%)
  • Included bug resolution steps for users experiencing problem with corrupted cache
  • UI changes

Included data about CPU Model, Family and Stepping into CPU Data section.

Included data about CPU level one, two and three cache. As shown on the firs image below my numbers are 32KB x4 for L1 data and instruction cache. This simply means that I have 4 of those caches shared by 4 CPU cores (since I have 4 core CPU), in this case each CPU core has its own L1 cache.

CPU core parking manager v3

CPU core parking manager v3

Some users reported that in version they can’t see application main form correctly if their monitor scaling is set to more than 100%. Changed autoscaling value back to default 96 dpi.

Several users have experienced problems with corrupted registry cache. This is OS problem and not the application problem, so added steps on how to fix this bug to the error dialog.

Previous version is available via link below

CpuCoreParkingSetup.msi - Compiled for .NET 4.5;
MD5: 6C1B9AB8946A412B313A089E265E2CF0 
SHA-1: 88E304407B1331CB7CBADADE174E7DD2985DD635

Tested on platforms: Win7- x64-en, Win8 x64-en, Win8.1 x64-en, Win10 x64-en
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